Monday, November 30, 2015

20 days challenge reflection

  my goal was to do a shoulder workout for fifteen minutes every day. I came pretty close to that goal. The first two days I found, were hard, and my muscles hurt for the rest of the week. Eventually though, I found it easier and easier to do that workout, and even added the amount I did per set.

This was my bars routine before I started the 20 days challenge, I made sure to do the skills from lower levels that I hadn't worked for at least a year, to show a greater improvement...

(to be added later)

This is my bars routine after the 20 days challenge...\

(To be added later)

1. There was a much bigger improvement in skills, in just 20 days.

2. I strengthened my shoulders and core.

3. Got back old skills that will help me keep better form in skills I'm using now.

4. Ate healthier.

5. Spent fifteen minutes less time on my phone.

Because this helped me so much, I'll keep doing the same workout to make my shoulders and core stronger, and perfect my bars routine as well as routines on other events. The only downside to this was that my shoulders and abs hurt a lot the first couple of days, but it soon started to go away, I would say this went really well.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Twenty Days Challenge

I am going to try to follow the workout sheet my coach had given                        me, I am going to workout at least fifteen                                                  minutes a day, for twenty days, as 
                                my twenty days challenge.